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    Can't make mask stay in channel CS5

    Volvenom Level 1

      I have been watching numerous tutorials but none of them seems to go on my subject. I follow a tutorial about making a pattern and she tells me to paste. I need to have the right channel marked. I do have the black dot in the right channel, and the channel is marked. I have a mask selected. I click paste, nothing happens. I have tried many different solutions, I'm pretty sure it's just some silly mistake I'm doing.


      It's a brick and I'm planning to have 3 channels for it. Light, dark and something in between recolorable. I even saved a selection and then loaded it onto the correct channel. I tried to delete the extra mask channels hoping it was still saved. Then all knowledge of any maskes seems to be gone. As you can see on this picture I have all the channels there with masks, but it's still not being saved. I load this into another program and channels is nothing but 3 different colors all over. There is no selection. When I'm trying to save this as dds It says I have 3 alpha channels, they are suppose to be red, green and blue! What am I doing wrong?