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    What is the Proper Way to place a Background Image inside a Div?

    Hyde1216 Level 1

      I have been searching Google and the Adobe forums for awhile now, and while there are very valid solutions to similar problems I found that none of them fixed the problem that I am facing. I blame myself and getting lost in this sloppy coding of mine, so part of my plan was to start my style sheet over from scratch.


      My question, what is the proper way to add a background image into a div? I currently have the top div following the "header" css style, here is what I have typed into that sections:


      <style type="text/css">


      @import url("../twoColLiqLtHdr.css");


      .header {

          width: 1000px;

          height: 300px;

          background-image: url(Assets/HeaderTemplate.png);

          background-repeat: no-repeat;

          background-position: center;



      The problem here is that the background image isn't even appearing. I would greatly appreciate any help, could anyone inform me on the proper way to doing this so that I can implement images in divs in the future without turning my coding in a down right mess?


      Thank you in advance.