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    remembering dw8


      i am a humble dreamweaver 8 user who cant afford to upgrade tot he newest and the fanciest. But i am finding even in adobe who bought macromedia ever decreasing anything about dreamweaver 8.   i added my voice to a question from a DW user who was trying to connect to mysql in new versions and got not answer.


      i am not an expert but if i could but connect to phpmyadmin like all the tutorials did and even the test site in php folder did... i might actually try my had at a tutorial followup myself.


      all the links from sites dealing with DW8 that are supposed to have helpful Adobe tutorials .... have 404 errors.


      i plead and clamor for my humble DW8 to be remembered.


      beyond that an answer as to why the professional are connecting in the URL test and my sites arent would also be wonderful.