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    Rendering quality always lower than original video


      I have some footage that I recorded with my Contour Roam HD Camera and I have edited it in Adobe Premiere Elements 10.0, but every time I render the video that I've edited, the footage comes out at a reduced quality.  I can visibly see that it is reduced because I can see squares that make the footage appear pixelated and these squares do not appear in the original video file.  The recorded video file is 1.16GB in size and it is 14 minutes long.  The video I am trying to render is only 4 minutes long so it should only be about 300-400MB in size.  I have tried using multiple different presets and I have used windows media presets with Nikon D3100 and D3200 HD videos and they seem to render with the same clarity that they started with.  Using windows media presets with the Contour Roam, I have been entirely unable to achieve a quality equal to it's original quality.  I have created multiple custom presets with the bandwidth settings turned all the way up and the closest I was able to get to the original quality was a video that had smaller squares but was 3.0gb in size.  I've downloaded two hour long HD videos from itunes that were 3.0gb in size, why on earth would my 4 minute video be 3.0gb and still not match its original quality? 


      So bottom line, I need to find out how to render videos at their original quality, or what settings/custom preset will allow me to create this video in a .wmv or .MOV file that is perfectly clear and not 3.0gb at 4 minutes long? 


      Thank you