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    How do you get video to automatically rewind to start once it has been played in an interactive pdf?

    Rachel_:-) Level 1

      I'm pretty new to this adventure in the Indesign Jungle. I've set up a video. This video is exported to an interactive pdf. When a user clickes on the interactive pdf, the video plays to the end and stops on the ending black fade out rectangle.



      As it stands now, the video fades to black and the black rectangle stays on the screen. The video doesn't show the opening image.


      I'd like the video to go back to the beginning of the video and display the starting video image.


      Is there a way to accomplish this?


      Thank you for any help that you are willing to offer. I've searched around the internet, watched a few You Tube videos regarding the media panel, but nothing seems to deal with how to get the video back to the start once a user has played it.