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    Some users have problem registering.

    Ray Wundebar Community Member



      ocacionally some site users report that tey are not able to register with the site via this page http://www.globalcastingcenter.com/talent-register . This is the last message my client received from the user:


      "Hello! I'm from Ukraine, and D try to register, but there is a message- "An Error Occurred An error occurred processing your last request. Please go back and try again." Tried several times on Firefox and IE. Is that a web-site problem? Thanks Ira"


      Other users didn't indicate error text but also reported trouble registering. What could be causing this?


      I do use javascript to prefill the user field with their entered e-mail but this second e-mail field is kept visible and called "confirm your e-mail" to give the ability to fill user field manually in case script doesnt work.


      (most of the users register with no problem)