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    GLOBAL text box vertical alignment?


      How can I simultaneously set ALL my text boxes in a document to Justified vertical alignment?

      Even if I make the master pages text blocks vertically align the text, the document pages are all always automatically aligned "TOP." So I then tried to adjust them manually by selecting all textboxes using the shift key, but then there was no way of setting the alignment.

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. Select All
          2. CMD B
          3. Set Vertical Alignment to  Justified


          Not sure why your master page vertical alignment is not holding, works for me. Did you set the vertiical alignmwent to justify on both the left & right master page?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            The select all technique willonly work one spread at a time. If you add the justification setting to the object style (most likely basic text frame) applied to the frames it will affect them all. Settings applied to master text frames would only apply if the master frames are used, and only to frame which ahve not been previously overridden by adding text to them befor applying the justifcation setting.


            All of that aside, applying vertical justification aas a default may not be the good idea you think it is. First, in versions prior to CS5 it will not be honored for any frame in which the text area is not rectangular (such as frames with corner effects or impacted by text wrap), and second, if the frame is not nearly full vertical justificatition can result in extremely lage line spaces.

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              catlinrockman Level 1

              Thank you Mike and Peter for your veryf useful help. I'm working on a 600 page academic tome (chapter by chapter) and so there are just single text boxes on each page and all are very, very, full of text! Of course, the last page of each chapter I justify top. By the way, Mike, what is "CMD B?"

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Cmd B is the Mac shortcut to bring up text frame options.


                I'm going to suggest that you really should be thinking about using a baseline grid instead of vertical justification. Pages that use different line spacing on opposite sides of a spread can be very obvious and look unprofessional.


                The things that throw off line spacing are paragraphs that use a different leading, or that have space before or space after assigned, such as headings. Forcing the body text to align to a grid can pull things back into position. Keep options can also cause one side of a spread to end a line or two short of the bottom. In those cases judicious editing or adjusting the tracking slightly, or even adjusting the size of the frames onthe spread to add or lose one line on both sides can often look much better than vertical justification.