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    Error 2753.The File is not marked for installation

    morrisprintinggroup Level 1

      This is an oldie but a goodie. We have the following error occur on machines when we try to upgrade machines to the newest flash player:


      Product: Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin -- Error 2753.The File 'InstallPlugin.exe' is not marked for installation.


      The only way we have been able to correct this is outlined here:


      http://www.eversity.nl/blog/2012/05/adobe-flash-player-install-error-2753-the-file-install ax64-exe-is-not-marked-for-installation/


      Our IS department wrote a .Net app that automates this process a bit, but it would be nice if the Adobe installer would detect and correct this error, as we push out Flash updates via GPO.


      Any takers on this?? PLEASE!!