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    Bridge opens in Windows Photo Viewer

    David Frederick James

      This is a pain previous version opened directly into Photoshop, is this a bug can this be changed from Windows Viewer default to Photoshop

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 8

          People can be pretty quick with the word »bug« …

          Also this is not the Bridge Forum.



          What are the settings under Adobe Bridge > Preferences > File Type Association for te file types in question?

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            I actually WANT my BMPs to open with Windows Photo Viewer, but they don't For some reason PNG files DO open with Windows Photo Viewer by default in Bridge, but BMPs open with Photoshop.


            The time to load photoshop is like loading a cannon to shoot a goldfish oftentimes when I just want to look at a picture quickly rather than edit it, sooo, I was wondering is there any way to change items TO use Windows Photo Viewer, since it's not listed as an option for anything but PNG?


            Of course, in the File Associations setting of Preferances, you can Browse for a new program to add, but it doesn't like the input of %SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen %1 (where %1 is the filename) which is what Windows uses normally to open Windows Photo Viewer since it's part of a DLL rather than a separate program...According to a google of windows photo viewer location


            .... Yet, of course Bridge opens PNG files for me with Windows Photo Viewer, so there must be some way to add the option manually for BMP somehow if I can copy whatever set up it's using to open PNG files with it?


            Thank you for any help anyone

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              Noel Carboni Level 7

              You may be able to set the default application back to Windows Photo Viewer through the Bridge Edit - Preferences - File Type Associations dialog.  But I don't know for sure because it's not how I've set up my own file viewing vs. editing here.


              Here's what I have done, which allows me to view images very quickly by double-clicking them:  Download and install the freeware applicaiton IrfanView and have it associate itself with all still image file types.  This overrides Photoshop's changes to make itself the default for opening various images, and IrfanView is quite fast at opening pretty much every kind of image file there is.


              Whenever I want to edit a file in Photoshop, I either drag it to the Photoshop icon on my desktop or right-click it and choose Open With - Adobe Photoshop CS6.



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                dethkitty Level 1

                I wasn't talking about windows file associations though, I was talking about Bridge like this topic is about and as I said in my first sentence - I can change windows settings easy and already have both bmp and png set to open in windows photo viewer (I have no desire whatsoever to use irfanview when Windows Photo Viewer doesn't even need to load, it just shows pictures instantly) — it's like you just read the first few words in a sentence then start writing or something, Adobe's tech support are even worse just form replies... — like I said, the problem is the Bridge FIle Association Preferences - I don't know why you are pointing me there, because I already said it is not there and explained why I couldn't set it myself despite knowing the DLL path for the Windows app in my post! Because Bridge refuses to recognise it as a valid input for a program location...


                This is pretty basic stuff and it seems bad design for a program designed to make it easier to browse multiple files in windows that if PNG opens in windows photo viewer then BMP doesn't, that's bad enough, but not evn being able to change the setting is just ridiculous - for a pretty damn large program you'd think they would have made even a tiny bit of effort to make sure Windows Photo Viewer was listed as an option, I wonder if they even used it on a real computer or just a Tomy 4Kids Play Computer (aka mac)...

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Have you uninstalled a previous version of CS?  This can in some cases corrupt file associations, requiring drastic steps to fix.

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                    dethkitty Level 1

                    I did a looong time ago and recently reinstalled, but the thing is the settings appear as they are "supposed to", BMP is set to photoshop as I presume the default is unlike PNG for osme reason, but PNG has an option for Windows Photo Viewer but BMP doesn't... It doesn't help that in preferences it seems to list different programs by filetype rather than an overall list of programs to choose from, so you have separate programs available for each file type


                    The big problem is Windows Photo Viewer isn't in there by default, when it should at least be an option built in when Bridge is supposely meant to integrate with Windows! It'd be ok if I could add it manually, but because it won't recognise any path except an exe for a program, you can't put it in (%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen %1) (where %1 is the filename)

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                      Noel Carboni Level 7

                      You seem pretty quick to criticize others who try to help you reach your goals, and who have figured out how to make things work.  Did you stop to think that just maybe it's possible to get IrfanView to show up in Bridge, or that it might work as fast as Windows Photo Viewer?  Did it occur to you that maybe someone might have figured out an even better way than you had set as your goal?


                      But hey, I've gotten the message loud and clear - no thinking outside the box allowed.  Best of luck finding a solution.



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                        dethkitty Level 1

                        "Did you stop to think that just maybe it's possible to get IrfanView to show up in Bridge" I didn't need to stop to know that... I already in fact said I have looked at using the option to browse for an additional program button for a file association... But as I said, no, it's not as fast as Windows Photo Viewer...