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    Can I return to using Acrobat 9 Pro after upgrade to Acrobat X (CS6)


      I'm a heavy user of Enfocus' Pitstop in Acrobat Professional. I have their upgrade to Pitstop 10 which works with Acrobat X, but I could not get it to work on my computer with Acrobat 9, so I had to revert to the older version of Pitstop 8.6 I have. This has me very concerned about upgrading to Acrobat X, because I need a working copy of Pitstop and 8.6 will not work with 10.


      (The problem was with Windows C++ Runtime environment, and I tried hard to solve it. No way to know if I still will have the problem in Acrobat X Pro.)


      If I install CS6 and include Acrobat X, can I go back to Acrobat 9? Eveven if I can technically, although I still have CS 4 install discs, I'm sure it's complicated because upgrades always want to find discs/serial numbers/ products to even start an install.


      Thanks in advance!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You said you  have their upgrade to Pitstop 10, doesn't that work with Acrobat X?


          To install Acrobat 9, you have to install and leave on the computer a component of CS 4. If I remember you cannot install CS 4 on top of CS 5 so that probably goes for CS 6. You may have to de-activat CS 6, uninstall CS 6, Install an app from CS 4 like Photoshop and Acrobat 9. Activate Photoshop, and make sure Acrobat 9 is working. Update to the latest Acrobat 9 (9.5.1 or something). Then Install CS 6, but do NOT allow it to install Acrobat X. Then all should be well. You cannot remove Photoshop CS 4, it needs to be there as long as you want Acrobat 9.

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            timfromidg Level 1



            Thanks for responding!


            Since my original post I have successfully installed CS6 and did not Acrobat X when I did that install (and still have access to all my old CS4 stuff). Acrobat 9.5.1 is still working (as well as ever).


            My Pitstop 10 issue is that I do own a license to it, but it never worked for me.

            With the Pitstop 10 Enfocus Plugins active, Acrobat crashes with the C++ error every 28 minutes (whether I'm using Acrobat actively or it's just running in the background). I assume it's Enfocus' new activation/copy protection software that must look out to their server every 28 minutes.


            I do experience C++ runtime crashes ocassionally within Acrobat 9 and Pitstop 8, but with Pitstop 10, 28 minutes is the longest I ever could use Acrobat. Therefore I hesitate to upgrade to Acrobat X and be required to use Pitstop 10.

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              abailescollins Level 2

              Can I ask if you have contacted Enfocus support?


              I am the Product Manager for PitStop and we have literally ten's of thousands of people working with PitStop 10 with Acrobat X and Acrobat 9.


              If necessary they can login through teamviewer and check.


              If you want to mail me directly email is andrewb@enfocus.com

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