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    trouble hiding and showing captions with a single button

    ryanpennone Level 1

      I am trying to show a caption (MSO) with the click of a button and then hide it again with the same button. I have created a MSO with two states one with the text, one without and then created an icon with a plus sign [normal] that triggers the second state that has the text. After the button is pressed it changes to a minus sign [click] the next step is where I am running into trouble. I just want the user to be able to click the minus button to hide the caption before moving on to the next page or article. I have tried every button state combination but can't hide the caption short of creating a new button somewhere else on the page, this is not desired. I have seen this function in publications like National Geographic, and Vogue so I know it is possible. It seems so simple but I can't figure it out. Being able to close the caption after showing it will add another level of interaction and professionalism to my publication...please help someone.