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        JJMack Most Valuable Participant

        So your script looks like

        var dir = Folder('Q:/Images');

        var selectedFile = dir.openDlg("Select Image" , "Select:*.nef;*.cr2;*.crw;*.dcs;*.raf;*.arw;*.orf;*.dng;*.psd;*.tif;* .jpg;*.png;*.bmp");

        if( selectedFile !=null ){open(File(selectedFile));}


        Does the open directory dialog show? If so does it show an empty folder or show your client sub folders? If so do you have a file with one of the following extentions .nef, .cr2, .crw, *.dcs, .raf, .arw, .orf, .dng, .psd, .tif,  .jpg, .png or .bmp in there or in your client sub folders:

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          ocphotog Level 1

          That's the script!


          The open directory does show but its the Q: directory. In the box where you would type a filename or something else is the word   Images     .   I can click the OK button and it would take me to the Images folder, but that's an extra step.





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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            It must be your system. Are you sure you have a Images folder on the Q: disk.  I just created a Images folder on my G: disk and add two folders to it Client1 and Client2 changed the script to "G:/images" Here is what I see


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              ocphotog Level 1

              It's really odd. I just created a new folder on my Q: drive called   Images2    and put a couple of folders in it.  I then duplicated the script replacing the folder to open from  Images  to  Images2.  The script works fine using   Images2,  but not when using   Images.     Not sure what's causing it but I appreciate your efforts to get it working. Guess I'll have to settle for clicking the OK button to go to that folder.


              Thanks again!


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                ocphotog Level 1

                Solved it!  I had some shortcuts named Images, Images2, Images3 that were in the Q: folder. I guess the script didn't know which one to use so it stopped. They all went to the same Images folder.  I deleted those and now it works perfectly.

                Thanks again!

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Yes a shortcut Link would take you to the linked folder

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