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    How do I play symbols in my scene?


      Hey, I started working on a new animation and am experimenting and teaching myself the whole interface for animating, learning new tricks , etc. I recently made a little movieclip symbol where a garage gets bigger and bigger to create a zoom in effect, I know to do the whole symbol editing by double clicking on the symbol and working from within, but I now want to take this and use it in my scene1 stage. The problem is, I'm left only with the beginning image after I converted the image into a symbol. How in the world do I get the thing to play on my stage without opening up the symbol menu? I have 19 layers and am trying to get a whole bunch of things together, my animation is planned at 5 minutes in length so there is lots to do. I prefer to hand draw things, I'm not going to settle for family guy style animation if you know what I mean...