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    can a Shape act as a selection tool?

    Kar209 Level 1

      Hello everyone                                                                                            Level: (Still a ...) Newbie  OS: Windows 7 64bit   Ps CS6



      So, I am trying to make a fork (lemme tell ya, get;n those dang prongs are a B**** to get just right)


      I want to use the Burn and Dodge tools to create Shading and Highlights


      However, I need a Rounded shape selection for the ... uhhh "grooves" between the prongs in order to dodge and burn percisely


      To my dismay the Marquee tools don't have a Rounded Rectangle nor could I find a way to set the corner radius of the Marquee Rectangle


      The Lasso doesn't allow me to create what I need and even if I could use it to make it just right I couldn't make it exactly the same three different times.


      Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you