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    Pixel Radius in Mask Area in the Properties Panel

    SebSchGer Level 1

      Hello there!


      I have a layer with a vector mask.

      When I go to the properties panel, enter the feather radius „0.5“ and hit the enter key it rounds it up to 1 (Pixels).

      Entering „0.4“ and hitting enter gives 0.

      4.3 gives 4

      4.6 gives 5 and so on.


      So hitting enter rounds the value, although decimal values are accepted and do work. Why is that? What's the purpose of rounding the number?

      When I enter „0.5“ and click somewhere it works without changing it to 1. Then it's really just 0.5 px. But hitting enter (the most natural thing after entering some value) rounds it.


      Is this a feature or a flaw?


      Thank you