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    Lumix gh2 corrupt mts files


      Hi guys,


      I have a lumix gh2 (hacked) when filming the sd card was full so I backed it up to an externel hdd hooked up to my mac book pro. That process went fine, but some files/clips appear to be corrupt... This is just random, its about 10% of the files. The camera records in a .mts extension.


      The files won't playback in any player, it just stops responding. Even when I try to import the clips in premiere, it stops responding also.


      The first seconds of the clip are fine, I used tsmuxer to create a serparate clip for that. But the rest of the clip is corrupt. Tsmuxer stops at the point when the corrupt bit begins. mediainfo does let me see the original size and lenght of the clip.


      Is there anyway to repair the .mts clips?? I don't have de sd cards anymore so I can't recover anything of the sd cards....