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    Reinstalling Photoshop Elements after computer crash


      Here is what happened. My computer stopped working. Basically if continually froze up after about 2-3 minutes of running, any time I start it up. I took it to my IT guys at work, and even they had trouble. They couldn't back up the hard drive because there were 3 bad sectors.


      There inlies the problem... Nothing could be backed up. Including photoshop. So the hard drive essentially started from scratch. They had everything they could get in a "windows.old" folder in the hard drive, which eventually was cleared because it was all useless. And Photoshop said there was a problem with the licence.


      Basically, how do I, or can I, regain Photoshop without the disk and activation code? Is this something Adobe will help me with?


      The program in question is Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.