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    Which graphics card is needed for CS3 to run on a new laptop?

    KumuRay3 Level 1

      Hi - I'm shopping for a new laptop and would like to install my CS3 software onto it. At the moment I've decided on a customized HP 8570P with these specifications:


      1600x900 display

      700 GB disk drive

      2 main memory slots with one 8 MB SIMM for now with the option to increase to 16MB in the future.


      My question is: should I go with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 card or the AMD Radeon HD 7570M? I plan to upgrade to CS6 in about 6 months but would really like to get CS3 up and running on the new laptop before then. The programs I use most are illustrator and photoshop. Thanks in advance for your help