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        Glad you figured it out. I almost copied and pasted part of my path statement as an example last night.  But I thought if the path statement was examined it would serve as its own example.


        When I did my testing last night and I re-added the statement ";C:\Windows\twain_32\CNQ4802" (without the quotes) I put it at the end of my path statement and didn't add the trailing "\" and it still seems to work.


        Enjoy the scanner, I use mine almost daily in Acrobat, scanning statements, checks, etc...

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          doctor-man Level 1



          I contacted canonon and I am requesting a patch...

          a nice company like canonon  should not have a product with so much headache


          can someone write a small program to add the path to the windows correctly by simple click?


          anyways thanks guys I will let you know if canon is helpful in anyway in their next email.


          P.S> if the \ is not important then not having the space after semicolon is very important.


          BIG THANKS to ABUSTRAAN !!

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            abustraan Level 1

            Definitely no spaces in the path statment.


            Also I whipped up a very rudimentary VBS script to add the path statement and reboot the computer. I've tested it with Windows 7 x64 Pro and Ultimate. I have no idea as to its functionality with XP, Vista.


            In addtion there is no delay or prompt for restarting the computer, it just happens...


            The File can be found here: http://paperclipplus.com/app/getit/c984bb99c9dd11e192b5678c6a182016


            If someone can test it for XP, Vista and 32-BIt as well as possibly tweak it to prompt for the reboot that would be great!

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              doctor-man Level 1

              Thank you for the file.

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                GrayBugs Level 1

                Changing the system PATH variable worked for me. Thanks!

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                  abustraan Level 1

                  Just to update everyone, when using Windows 8 x64 Pro, Adobe CS6 Master Suite (Which still has Acrobat X Pro Bundled with it), still has the same issue with the Canon LiDE 600 drivers, and is still repairable in the same way:


                  Add: C:\Windows\twain_32\CNQ4802 to the Windows Path Statement.


                  You'll also need to add the 32-Bit Adobe CS5 Optional Plugins for Photoshop to enable the twain functionality in Photoshop CS6 (32-Bit).

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