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    Flash Web Sites with Pages of Different Heights

    SlateClean Level 1



      The above link to the my latest class project. You'll notice on all but one of the site's pages that when you scroll down in your browser, that there's a big gap between the bottom of the content and the bottom of the browser. The exception is STORE.


      Have I just stumbled on a "limitation" of creating web sites with Flash, in that the page with the tallest content will dictate how tall the stage is for the rest of the site?


      I'm not even sure what I should be asking here: Is there some sort of work-around, or some entirely different way I should be working when using Flash and HTML/CSS together?


      The only option I see right now is to create separate .swf files for each pages, and then embed them into their own HTML files.


      LOL. Did I just answer my own question?