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    Internet Radio

    shooternz Level 6

      Just taken delivery of a new Internet Radio system so hoping to load it up with some great presets from you guys.



      Grace Digital Mondo Internet Radio






      I and some of the video  post facilties we use ...often stream in , Internet Radio (music).


      Just wondered what others listened to as they worked.


      Here is one of our favs.  Always suits the mood of me and the clients... where ever we are.





      Got any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Sorry that I cannot help you. My new truck has Internet Radio, but I have not even gotten far enough into the manual to see what it is, or does.


          When working, if I want to listen to music, I just grab one of my iPods and use that - so very "old school."


          Good luck, and maybe I can learn something about my new truck?



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I just recently transferred my entire CD collection to my hard drive as FLAC files, so when I want music, I use that.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Me too.  Took a while.


              Thing about radio ( internet radio) is one listens to someone elses collection (usually eclectic) and one is exposed to music that one would never have been exposed to.


              Radio Paradise displays the track, the artist , the playlist etc  and also links to a site for purchasing album or song.


              Its very cool.


              Try it on your  puter Bill. 



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                Level 4

                i dont get nothin.. no sound






                talk about old school... there's a guy down the street own a whacky store with nothing but 33 rpm records and old stereo stuff ( i bought 2 speakers from him when i moved here 6 weeks ago cause I couldnt fit my bose speakers into my packed car )... and basically, you wanna listen to something ...you put the record on the turntable and you play it...simple.


                if anyone needs more than THAT to make their day, God bless....



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  My new truck offers many options for "radio," from XM-Sirius to something called Pandora. That seems to be some sort of "Internet radio," but I have not looked at it too closely yet. Do you know Pandora?



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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Hey Bill


                    There are a number of services incorporated into "internet radio"


                    The fundamental is a radio station accessed by a url.  eg. http://www.radioparadise.com/rp_2.php


                    Any internet radio (or computer) can access these easily. The facilty is incorporated to search for them. (Tune them in ..in the old speak)


                    XM-Sirius and  Pandora offer unque customisations to internet Radio (and are only available in the continental U.S)


                    My internet radio can access 'MY Information' that I set up and store  on the Grace website.  I have custom stations and feeds set up there that I can immediately access on my radio.


                    There are something like 80,000 internet radio stations available .  I have about 10 preset and include Music, eclectic music,  international news, international discussion.   ( BBC stations are excellent and the US music stations are very interesting)


                    Apart from content...I tend to choose stations with high bandwidth  (192) although 128 is o.k too. 

                    Surprising the quality when routed thru a decent hi fi.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      Do you know Pandora?


                      LOVE that.