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    My graphics tablet doesn't align with screen in Photoshop Elements 10




      I had been using my Wacom Bamboo tablet on Photoshop Elements 10 with no problems whatsoever. Today it seems is a different story. As you can see in the image below, the tablet seems to not be aligned correctly with the screen. I am limited to draw in only the section I have scribbled in. I am unable to access any of the screen to draw, use tools etc because it just wont let me when using the tablet. When I use the mouse it is fine.


      I have adjusted all of the settings and made sure everything is correct with my tablet driver and the settings of my tablet, I have no problem with any other program on my computer. I have two tablets and the same problem happens with both. I have tried un-installing Elements but the problem is still there when I re-install it.


      I really am at a loss, it seems like such a simple thing to fix yet I am completely stumped on this one. Please help as I use my tablet on a daily basis and this really is gutting!!!

      Fullscreen capture 04082012 172120.jpg