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    Cs6 Bridge as multi-user DAM solution?

    Matt McGregor

      Hi All,


      I have only opened bridge briefly as a single user and would like to know whether Bridge (CS6) could be used a multi-user DAM solution?


      My company publishes for both print and web. The idea would be for the staff to tag images with Metadata to allow the print / web designers to search through an expanding library of images. Potentially a volume on a MacOS X server containing the library of images which is available to all users. (Mac and Windows). Possibly 10 simultaneous connections (users) to the files.


      The questions are :


      1. Can the cache be centralized and shared? allowing multiple users to access the same database of files.


      2. Is the cache multi-platform compatible? (Available to both Mac and Windows users).


      3. Does the cache support online and offline files? (Ie. files on a server vs. files that have been archived to DVD).


      4. Can multiple users update the cache? or does this need to be 'opened' by one user for write access & other users having read access.


      5. Can the cache be backed up along with a file server backup and then reconciled should it become 'corrupt' or out of sync with content.


      6. Is there a maximum number of either files? or data (MB/GB/TB) that Bridge catalog can support?


      Finally. (and thanks for your patience).

      7. If Bridge is not the right solution for this kind of task, do you have any recommendations for a DAM solution? There are only 2 that I'm immediately aware of and I don't have experience or opinions of either of them. Extensis Portfolio and Canto Cumulus.


      Thanks for your input.



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          Bridge is not even a robust single-user DAM solution, let alone a multi-user one.


          Bridge is just an image and file browser, nothing more and nothing less.  It has evolved only modestly since its humble beginnings as Photoshop's File Browser.


          Its weaknesses have been discussed here at length.  Just do a forum search on Digital Asset Management or Manager and you'll find plenty of exiting threads.  Without exception, every single user who approaches Bridge in this fashion becomes disappointed very, very quickly.


          The existing threads have suggestions for true, alternative DAMs like Cumulus Canto and others.