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    Unable to download Flash 11.3


      I have Flash 11.2, and have been trying to update to 11.3 for a few weeks now. When I click the download link, it shows as being instantly canceled in the download window. I double-click the entry to retry and it shows a progress bar and seems to download fine, but then the file does not appear on my desktop. When I try to open the file from the download window, the "Open" command is greyed out.


      I have tried using the direct download link in the Installation Problems FAQ, and had the same problem. I've also tried downloading other Adobe trials, and have had the same lack of results. I've also tried downloading while no other programs were open that might be using Flash, just in case that messed something up. No luck.


      I also did a computer search to see if any of the adobe files just downloaded somewhere else, but nothing came up. (And fyi, downloads from other websites work just fine.)


      I use Windows XP, Firefox 14.0.1, and ZoneAlarm if it matters any. Any advice, or other reputable sites I can update my Flash from?