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    Elements 9 and Lightroom 4


      I am considering using Lightroom 4 in conjuction with my current elements 9. Some comment no problem -  fully compatible while others

      comment the way photos are loaded into elements 9 will not necessarily show all the edits made in lightroom 4. Also, if you use the 2012  system on your raw files they are not compatible with the ACR version in elements and the changes will look wrong. Is there value in these views.

      Do I keep with elements 9 and get lightroom 3 or get elements 10 and lightroom 4. Any advice would be appreciated

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure about compatibility with Elements 9. But IF ACR isn't fully compatible with Lightroom 4 then you can have Lightroom render a TIF file that includes all of the Lightroom adjustments and then open that in Elements. It works seamlessly. Even if Lightroom and Elements 9 were fully compatible, once you make changes in Elements a TIF or PSD file has to be created anyway. So you can work with Lightroom 4 and be completely productive with it.

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            b_gossweiler Level 5

            Actually, the only way you can pass an image to PSE from LR is by rendering a TIFF/PSD file. There is no native interface for passign a Raw image to PSE. Therefore ACR in PSE will never be used for an image passed by LR, and therefore there won't be a compatibility issue.