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    PDF save size not matching result.

    Jeremie_M Level 1

      Bridge CS4

      I have a series of images that are 1280x2048@300dpi. I am trying to save them as a pdf with one image per page. I have gotten all of the settings to work, except for the size.


      I am saving with a custom layout and size, with width of 1280px, height of 2048px, quality of 300ppi, 1 column and 1 row, no margins.


      However, when I save the PDF and open it in Preview and display it at actual size, it is significantly larger than what it should be. It is appearing to be about 1900 pixels in width, and of course it quite pixelated.


      Anyone know why this is happening and how I can stop it?

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you mean by 'significantly larger'. The size of a PDF is measured in inches or mm, and the size on screen is controlled by the zoom percentage.  You cannot expect PDFs to open such that in one particular image the pixels are exactly the same as the screen pixels if that's what you are hoping.  It isn't Photoshop and 100% view will not be the same.

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            Jeremie_M Level 1

            Why not, exactly? What does the application have to do with what 100% zoom will look like? Unless I have been operating on horrible misinformation all these years, 100% zoom means one digital pixel for every pixel in my screen. It should be the same no matter what application I am using.


            Is the problem you speak of something specific to the PDF format?


            Either way, this is sort of beside the point.


            When saving the PDF with bridge, I selected a custom size of 1280 X 2048, with the unit of measure set to pixels, which matches the size of the images. I did this because I wanted the images in the PDF to display at the proper size, and for there to not be any margins (which I set to zero).


            So regardless of what is in the pdf (it could be meaningless scribbles), each page of the resultant pdf file should be the size that I told it to be. It clearly is not.


            I explained what I meant by 'significantly larger.' The images are 1280 pixels wide, but the pdf, when viewed at 100%, is nearly as wide as my screen (1920). This means that the images within the pdf are stretched and pixelated when viewed at 100%.


            This is obviously not the desired effect.

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              Phillip M Jones Level 4

              have you looked at the exact zoom level shown?


              I have manuals for software and hardware when first opened are opened ant maximum screen size andyou have to reduce the zoom level down. The zoom level is determined by the author of the PDF before it's saved.  you can adjust the zoom level in Preferences set to 100% or 125% the resave the document and it should open to that size. If its ent to someone  it will be 100% or 125% based the viewers monitor. which make make it to large or two small.


              Acroabt does thing different than say word or excel. 100% means to them ability to see the entire page at one time which makes it so small and useless. !00% in Acrobat page width is roughly the size you see when printed.

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                Jeremie_M Level 1

                Yeah. It opens too large in the first place, but when I tell Prieview to display at 100% it actually get's even bigger on my screen.


                I just don't understand why the viewing dimensions of the file are not what I specified when saving it.

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                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                  Simply because a PDF is nothing like an image in its concept.  A PDF is like a piece of paper. It has dimensions (inches or mm). This is what you see on screen. 100% is a strange idea because it isn't based on the actual size of your screen in inches or mm, but there it is, usually assumed to be 72 dpi. (You can adjust it). There is NO SUCH THING as a size in pixels for a PDF.


                  The PDF might contain things with no resolution, or two images, one at 100 dpi and one at 200 dpi. So in such a case what could 100% mean?


                  You can argue if you want that a PDF containing just one image should have different rules from everything else but this would be immensely confusing. I'm afraid you are just going to have to adjust your expectations.

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                    Jeremie_M Level 1

                    Then why is it even an option to set the size of the PDF file in pixels and the dpi in Bridge? If what you are saying is true, and the only thing that matters is the printable size of the document, then those settings would be absolutely useless.


                    I do not think my expectations are too high at all. It's not as if I'm asking why the software doesn't do something I think it should. I'm asking why it isn't doing something that it is telling me that it can do.

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                      Jeremie_M Level 1



                      Ok, so I've figured it out. It appears that the problem was not in the way Bridge was saving the file, but in the way it was being displayed. I tried Preview and Adobe Reader, and they both displayed the PDF at an enlarged size. Because of this, I assumed that the problem was not on that end.


                      However, I got to diging around in Preview's settings and found an option I had never known existed before, as I do not use Preview very often (only for PDFs, and that is rare). There is an option to set the definition of 100% zoom. It can be either true printable size in relation to your screen, or it can be at a 1:1 pixel ratio. And this setting exists twice: once for image files, and once for PDFs. The option for PDFs was set to printable size. Once I changed it to 1:1 pixel display, the PDF began displaying at the size that I was expecting it to.

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                        Phillip M Jones Level 4

                        Caution on using Preview will literally tear PDF forms to pieces once opened and saved in Preview the form will never work.


                        For regular PDF's Preview is okay. Forms no!

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                          Jeremie_M Level 1

                          What do you mean by "tear to pieces?"


                          I only use Preview for viewing PDFs and image slideshows. I usually use MS Word to create PDFs, but I've never had to do so with a page full of image before. I could do it with Word, but there was a problem with rounding the pixel size of the image to an inch size Word could understand, and the image didn't quite fit the document.

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                            Phillip M Jones Level 4

                            I mean if they are opened by preview they will become corrupt so that they are no longer usuable. even in Preview after they have been closed.


                            Forms "MUST" be opened by acrobat or Reader. Possibly PDFPenPro.