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    advanced action appears looped -Captivate 6

    rhybeka32 Level 1

          I have an HTML5  project that links out to another URL page on about 5 slides.  Jim was kind eough to inform me that there is a known issue about Captivate linking to URLs that are not hand typed. All of the URLs are hand typed, and all advanced actions are set up so that on the last click fo the button, the slide should advance to the next one, and the URL should open in a new tab (in that order) .  This happens perfectly on the first set, but the second set doesn't advance the slide, it just opens the new window. If you return to the captivate window and click the next button it respawns the new window, never going to the next slide.  I've cleared the project on my webserver, forced slides to be-recreated, rebuilt the advanced action, all with no effect.  Anybody else running into anything simiilar?


      This is a bit of a show stopper for me since I don't want to just have to code a button - my hope was to make this run like a native iPad app, but if I can't take away the chrome because users have to have it to navigate it can't be done.