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    Serious Issues in Illustrator CS6, Expand and Snapping problems


      Hi, my friends and fellow vector fanatics, we all love Adobe Illustrator and we like to work with this tool, and being a user since version CS3 I really like the new look and feel of CS6 however I noticed some issues when I am doing the following:


      • when I use pathfinder to expand objects they look weird like in this photo


        you can notice the change in the r and also the a they changed shape

         this is completly un acceptable, since the design has to be very precise



      •   second issue is when I am trying to move an object it snaps to something I don't know if its a grid or not and I have checked off snapping to grid but still all objects snaps.


      please I am eager to solve these problems and I am looking forward for your help.


      thank you all for you cooperation