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    LR4 and Mountain Lion - Ejecting wrong disk after import

    E Oren Level 1

      Since updating to Mountain Lion on my iMac, I have found that on two occasions, Lightroom 4.1 seems to eject the wrong disk after import.  I get a warning that a disk was not ejected properly and, when I look at the Finder, I see the CF card is still 'in' and one of my externals is ejected.  It is missing in Disk Utility as well so I have to power it off/on to get it to reconnect.


      I've had issues with that particular external in the past (connected via FW400 off a FW800 drive) but it's always been tempermental in getting an initial connection to the Mac.  Once connected it always stayed so.


      Though I would see if anyone had thoughts.  If it came to it, do you think a 'reinstall' of LR would be helpful?  Does this require removing all traces of the program first?  I'm hesitant to do that as my catalog currently has 75,000 photos though...


      Thanks in advance