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    turn off create font outline


      I followed the steps to create a font outline, manipulated the selected font, then moved to a new page-project - I inserted new type - it looks fine at 11 pt, but when I enlarged it, it still has the outline effect - also, the font becomes nothing but a black blob the more I increase the size - seems like the create outline command is still working on a new page.


      How do I turn off the create outline command so I can return to regular fonts on new pages?





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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We don't know in which way you manipulated the font. So would you please show us?

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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The create outline command is a 1 shot deal. It doesn't stay on or off like a switch, its more of a conversion process. which is applied to only what was selected and then it is done.

            Even if the new type on the new page was in outline form, it would not explain what is happening. Outlining simply means that you can no longer edit the text, it is now a path. Since it is a path, it retains its shape and characteristics no matter how much you scale it.

            If you rasterise the text, apply a drop shadow or any other raster effect to the text, then those effects would be effected when scaling.


            Everything I type above is my best guess for not seeing your screen, which is why Monika requested a screen shot.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You need to check your terminology. Sounds like you are referring to the stroke rather thasn actually outlining a path. The stroke can easily be removed by removing it on teh appearance panel. And if it seems to get infinitely bigger, you may have some other effect/ appearance there that causes this behavior or e.g. used the variable width tool. also not that converted outlines snap to the pixel grid when scaling, which wil lchange the shape and may also progressively turn it into soem unrecognizable blob.