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    Opening downloaded files locally

    Murzikkk Level 1




      I'm developing Flex-based AIR application for iPad. I'm trying to make it open downloaded into application storage video, mp3 or PDF files.


      Code works on desktop, but doesn't work for iPad - it finds target files in the storage, but it doesn't play them, though the same files can be played directly from server.


      I suppose there is security issue...


      I've found this article:

      https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/FileManagement/Conceptual/DocumentI nteraction_TopicsForIOS/Articles/RegisteringtheFileTypesYourAppSupports.html#//apple_ref/d oc/uid/TP40010411-SW1



      Is it possible to register supported formats for Flex-based mobile applications?

      Will it help playing locally downloaded files? Is there another way to make application play locally downloaded files?



      Thanks in advance