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    GraphicLine Length

    Velprakash Community Member

      Hi Experts,

                 I'm trying to place a grahic line in side of particular lines of indesign document. For that I can set it in appropriate geometric bounds. I create a Graphic Line maually and save it in library. I place it whereever I need. The line's length is "40pt". While automation of placing the line from library, I need to change the length of that line. I tried a lot to change the length by codes. But not changed. But If i select it and change the line length manually, it changes. Can any one tell me the property to change the line length... The screenshot is shown below for changing manually...




      Thanks and regards,


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          pkahrel MVP

          Did you try changing the geometricBounds?



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            Velprakash Community Member

            Hi Peter,

                 First of all I thank for ur kind reply.


            I select the graphic Line object and tried to set the geometric bounds. But useless. I need to change the the length of the line.

            Can u help?


            Thanks and Regards,


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              pkahrel MVP



              As you can see in the object model, graphic lines have no length property, but they do have geometricBounds. So changing the length of a line is like changing the size of a text frame or rectangle using geometricBounds. Start a new document and place a vertical line. Then do this:


              line = app.documents[0].graphicLines[0];


              gb = line.geometricBounds;

              gb[2] += 6;

              line.geometricBounds = gb;


              The line is made a deeper -- how much deeper depends on your document's measurement units.



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                Velprakash Community Member

                Yes.... You are right Peter....


                Thanks a lot for your kind response..................



                With warm regards,


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                  -hans- Community Member



                  if you'll really need the length of a graphic linesome day. you've got to do a bit math as ID does not provide the length although it's shown in the UI.


                  You may use geometricBounds or pathPoint.anchor as below ...


                  var myPathPoints = app.activeDocument.graphicLines[0].paths[0].pathPoints;

                  //this is pythagoras, but you may use any other mathrule to solve ...

                  myLength = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(myPathPoints[0].anchor[0] - myPathPoints[1].anchor[0], 2) + Math.pow(myPathPoints[0].anchor[1] - myPathPoints[1].anchor[1], 2) )


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                    Velprakash Community Member

                    Thanks a lot Hans... Your codes help me a lot...


                    With Best Regards,