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    Dreamweaver CS6 keeps crashing

    trixiesirisheyes Level 1

      I'm so frustrated. I can't bill my client for crashing time lost.


      I'm using CS6 on a Mac Pro running 10.7.4.


      I'm building a PHP site, but right now, all I'm doing is filling in the content on the home page. I do not understand what I'm doing to make it crash.


      I am using a plugin for Project VII - their Column Composer script, their Menu Magic plugin, and their Image Rotator plugin. These use JavaScript. And some JS for a donation button.


      I haven't set up a dynamic server. I'm just uploading it to my test server. I'm not getting an error message. My application window just disappears and the app closes itself.


      As I said, all I'm doing is entering content. Copy and paste some text from a Word file, refresh the properties panel so I can assign it a header tag, and crash. Crash. CRASH! Heck, I can hand code all this - I'm proficient in CSS, but then I might as well get BBEdit.


      Let's just say I'm saving VERY OFTEN!


      Can anyone help, please?