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    WARNING : Creative Cloud activation is bunk? or is it just me...

    t4sca Level 1

      It was working for a day, then it stopped working.


      It keeps asking for activation now.


      I activate then it fails, tells me I have it installed on more than one computer.


      I install Pshop for the first time, same error

      I install Premiere for the first time, same error


      How do I have it installed on more than one computer if i'm installing it for the first time...




      Contacted support on the first day, the agent tells me to wait 3 days...that line must go over well for people who have deadlines and where everday/hour counts to meeting deadlines.




      I got to get stuff done, and find this is BS, so I contact support again a day later...


      First agent basically wasted my time for 30 mins.  If the agent doesn't know how to solve the problem, they should stop pretending.


      Second agent was atleast honest and transferred me to a 3rd agent.


      Third agent tells me that the servers are overloaded and to try in two hours...


      I'm thinking he just wants me off of chat to lower his handle time.


      The system is flawed and needs to be fixed.  Waiting 3 days because this or that is bunk...issue may or maynot even be resolvable in 3 days I may SOL for much longer...good thing it's the weekend, but still some people have dead lines to meet.




      If adobe is going to use a activate/deactivate option then they should emulate daemon-tools.  I haven't used that software for a while, but as I remember it they had a very nice system that doesn't INCONVENIENCE their customers.


      - Users go to a website, and manage their own activations.

      - They can see which computers are activated

      - They can see which computers are no longer activated

      - They can activate or deactivate on the website.



      - With the current adobe system, I can't even see which computers are activated

      - The only way to manage activate/deactivate is by loading the software and doing it from the help menu...I can't even get to the help menu because I'm stuck at the activation screen.