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    Publishing membership E-magazines

    Hybrid_3d Newcomer



      Has anyone got any experience with publishing membership e-magazines?


      We will circulate our magazine only to paying members so we cannot go publish our mag via the iTunes platform (as far as I know). I understand this would enable anyone to view our content and it would not be exclusive for just paying members.


      Does anyone else have any experience of this and how to deal with it?


      I see from other discussions that The Enterprise Edition could be a possible route but this would be pricey! Are there any other 3rd party service providers that may offer a similar service but at a more reasonable and affordable price? (We are a not for profit organisation, Sorry Adobe!)


      I look forward to your replies.


      Thank you



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          BobLevine Legend

          I’m afraid there’s not much of any way that is going to happen. Even with an enterprise license Apple is going to restrict distribution to internal use AFAIK.





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            Hybrid_3d Newcomer

            Sorry Bob but what's AFAIK?


            Surely there must be more and more Membership mags moving to the iPad?


            Do you think it's more a case of re-thinking how we make it available or is this something that Adobe or a 3rd party may review and make accesible shortly?

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              BobLevine Legend

              As Far as I know.




              I suggest you look at interactive PDF.





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                Hybrid_3d Newcomer

                How would someone like Wired magazine distribute their iPad version?


                Currently you have to buy the printed version to be able to download the digital version, so they would have to distribute a voucher code or something similar.


                So would a similar model work for a membership magazine with a yearly subscription do you know?



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                  Hybrid_3d Newcomer

                  I think an interactive PDF would pose similar problems with unauthorised distribution.

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                    BobLevine Legend

                    Where did you get the idea that you can’t buy single issues of Wired?




                    And why are you comparing Wired, which is publically available to something you want to distribute privately?




                    And Wired is published using an Enterprise level account which you’ve already stated you don’t want to pay for.




                    I’m afraid you’re not going to find anything suitable if you’re that worried about unauthorized distribution.





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                      Mike Lipson Newcomer

                      Roy -


                      You hit the nail on the head as it relates to restricted distribution and the challenges with the current model.


                      We have chosen the least resistance path for our member-only magazines. We publish a subset of each issue's content within DPS...but present the full version TOC. If a user selects an article that is not within the folio..they are directed to the organization website.


                      At least we maintain a digital presence...and build audience (albeit with limited content) while we wait for pricing/features to become more realistic.



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                        Hybrid_3d Newcomer

                        Hi Mike


                        Thanks for your reply, I like the idea and it's definately a way forward if not a complete solution for a complete members magazine.


                        Your suggestion would help build interest with members and non-members alike and help generate/direct traffic towards our website.


                        I find it hard to believe that there isn't a way round this problem at the moment but maybe Adobe and Apple will develop a solution as digital magazines  are rapidly becoming more common place.


                        Do you mind me asking if I can have a look at your magazine and website.


                        I can give you my email address if you'd rather not disclose it on the forum.


                        Thanks again



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                          Hybrid_3d Newcomer

                          I guess you used the Professional Edition subscription to publish your mag?