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    Pagemaker 7, ID2, ATM Deluxe . . . and 64-Bit Windows 7


      Let's dispense with the only two conditions I'll place in this thread for responding to anyone's comment:

      1.  Don't stand in judgment of my abiding love for Pagemaker 7

      2.  Don't stand in judgment of my budget


      I have to start the thread this way because some of the comments on this board -- years after Adobe first established it -- continue to be so patronizing, heavily judgmental and hyper-critical as to have frequently turned me away from coming here for solutions.  You don't get to spend money I don't have.  If your solution is conditioned on that, then at a minimum don't be condescending please.  I just lost my home to foreclosure and find myself with a PIII computer that is dying, just as I am trying to rewrite my resume and job hunt; so please please be sensitive to my circumstances.  If I had the funds I would upgrade every one of my core 3 Adobe programs -- Acrobat 7 Pro, PM7 and InDesign2 -- but until that time, take it as a given that the products I am discussing below are the only options I am in any position to weigh right now.


      I currently have four Adobe products

      1. Pagemaker 7
      2. InDesign from CS2
      3. Adobe Type Manager Deluxe
      4. Acrobat 7 Professional


      and they are running under XP Pro on an old PIII Pentium that has chosen this particular moment to exhibit fatal BSOD motherboard errors.  I knew this day would come, but this couldn't come at a worse time for me.


      The good news is that any new motherboard, memory, CPU et al. that I install in my desktop chassis at this point in history is going to be lightyears advanced from what I've been using and cheap.  I have the hardware components lined up and I can perform the rebuild myself (thank God), but . . . oh Pagemaker!


      Pagemaker and Acrobat 7 are my two everyday programs.  They are as comfortable (and comforting) to me as an old pair of slippers.  I use InDesign only when Pagemaker can't handle the (usually very simple) word processing and layout tasks I do on a daily basis.


      1.  Just how rough of a PM7 ride could I expect to have if -- in addition to new hardware -- I decided to grab a (good business-level) OEM Windows 7 OS package in the 64-Bit version best able to take advantage of USB 3.0 -and- some of the other state-of-the-art motherboard features I will have available to me?


      2.  I don't import PDFs into PM7, but I do print to my Acrobat 7 Pro out of PM7.  Would there be problems with that?  How about printing out of PM7 to my physical (USB) printer under Win7?


      3.  What happens to Adobe Type Manager Deluxe under Windows 7 64-Bit?  Would ATM still work to manage my huge collection of Adobe Postscript fonts if I did need to install it?  How problematic would the continued enjoyment of my postscript fonts be in a PM7 environment under Windows 7?


      (while not technically a Pagemaker question) . . .

      4.  InDesign CS2.  Compatible?  Not?  Problems?


      Thank you everyone and please wish me luck with this.  This is an extremely sad time in my life and I'm just trying to work with limited resources and weigh my options.  I really do want your comments and I thank you in advance for any guidance that is constructive.



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          MISS CHIEVOUS Level 1

          Obviously I can't upgrade PM7, sorry, didn't mean to imply I could, stressed . . .

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            None of your core Adobe programs will work well on Windows 7-64 bit.




            Either stick with XP or be prepared to shell out for newer versions. I’m sorry about your circumstances but that’s the reality of the situation.




            Now, if you really insist on Win 7 you could consider Creative Cloud but even that is going to run you $600/year.




            There are cheap alternatives to PM/ID such as Serif Plus or even the free an open source Scribus. Neither is as good as InDesign but both are far better than Pagemaker.




            BTW, you are totally out of the upgrade loop so there’s no upgrade pricing available to you.




            Finally, under no circumstance should you install ATM on a Windows 7 machine. In fact, I don’t even think it was a good idea on WinXP.





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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              Miss, Bob is the expert here; I'm just an average user who is starting to get behind the times. Here you have my comments anyway, in case you may find them useful.


              1. From what I have read in these forums, successfully installing and running PageMaker under Win 7 seems to be a matter of luck. From what I gather, there are many who cannot even install PM, while some do and find they can run the program but with flaws. And a few claim that they have been able to install and run PM with no problem at all. So it's up to you if you are willing to take the risk. In my opinion, you lose nothing with trying; you can always remove it if it doesn't work, and then install one of the alternatives Bob mentions. Or try to get a very cheap second hand portable running on an older OS just for running PM if you really need it.


              2. I am currently running Acrobat 7  without problem on my Mac with one of the later versions of the Mac OS (10.6.8 and I think that 10.8 has just been released). This makes me think that you should have no problem with running Acrobat 7 under Win 7, but this is just a guess.


              3. Bob knows about ATM; I don't, but I think it is no longer needed.


              4. Again, I don't know about InDesign CS2, but my hunch coincides with what Bob said.


              I wish you luck. And don't hesitate to ask again if you have further doubts. People around here are not so patronizing as you seem to think.

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                BigJohnD Level 3

                What Bob said, plus InDesign CS2 is less than perfect on Win7 and worse on Win7 64.    However, I think the upgrades from CS2 to the latest version have expired.


                If you must run PM7, Acrobat 7 and Ind CS2, go back to WinXP.


                RE: ATM and Win7 - here's the definitive statement from the men who know: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/572650

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                  MISS CHIEVOUS Level 1

                  Hello again.  I've decided to stick with Windows XP.  There is simply too much stress in my life right now without having to stuff myself into a rocket and launch into the 21st Century.  The decision turned on (of all things) my scanner.  I have an old Microtek flatbed scanner that I am loathe to toss on the dust heap.  I will look into Serif Plus and Scribus, regardless, but right now I can only handle one crisis at a time in this God Forsaken economy.  Thank you for being gentle, and now I have to return to the hospital where a friend is on suicide watch.  Jesus there is no end . . .



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                    Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                    True, life is not always as easy as we would like, for any of us. I wish you luck.

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                      Jay Chevako Level 3

                      While I think that sticking with xp is the right thing to do in your case, I would check out Vuescan http://www.hamrick.com/  or silverfast  http://www.hamrick.com/ for your scanner if you ever do want to upgrade your OS and keep your scanner.