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    Limit to number of states in an MSO?


      I am working on a project that will include an extensive alphabetical index. I'm setting this up with a page for each letter with an mso with about 50 states (on each page) and a scrolling frame with about 50 buttons that control the states. I named the buttons to correspond with the names of the states and gave the buttons their actions after pasting them into the scrolling frame. I did this by selecting them in the layers palette. I checked my work and the buttons are pointing to the right states. The scrolling frame works but the buttons don't. What am I doign wrong? Thanks!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I just finished a job that had about 20 states in an MSO with buttons in all of the states. It worked perfectly.




          Without seeing your files is pretty hard to tell what, if anything you did wrong.




          The only thing I can think of is to double check the slideshow pane of the Folio Ovelays panel and make sure everything is set up correctly.





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            gypsylindsay Level 1

            Whan I changed the settings to "swipe to change image" it worked. Although that wasn't my original plan for the functionality I guess that will work. Seems to be a bug, no?

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              Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

              Yes, this is a known issue. Your MSO needs to be triggered in some way to become a slideshow overlay -- either through selecting the Swipe, Tap, or Autoplay setting or by creating a button that points to the MSO. However, buttons inside a scrollable frame don't trigger the MSO, which is what you ran into. You can either enable Swipe, which you did, or create an invisible button with an MSO state action.

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                gypsylindsay Level 1

                I think I mostly understand. The invisible buttons inside the scrolling frame can change the state now but it also has to be set to swipe. Thank for your help.

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                  Angusdog Level 1

                  Just encountered a DPS article which we're planning to be the main navigation of the folio and, in order to create the interactivity, it looks like the correct way to have it work is an MSO with a large number of states.


                  We've started with one MSO with five states, and tried to have buttons within each state load a state in another MSO which would contain buttons to nav to the article in question - which isn't going to work.


                  So we could have a state in the main MSO with buttons that go to anothe state within the main MSO with a button that describes the link and takes you to the article in question.


                  The problem will be that if the original five states had say 10 buttons then we're up for 55 states in the resultant MSO - Are you with me so far?


                  The elements with the MSO will only be text boxes, but they'll be rasterised so will this cause problems in performance on iPad 1 viewers? Does anyone have a good general rule of thumb for the number of states which is going to start causing problems?


                  I know it's a bit of an open-ended question, but it's a fair chunk of work to create the MSO with buttons only to find it doesn't work.


                  Thanks in advance,