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    FLASH 11.3.300.268 won't work without Chrome

    raynorshines Level 1

      There seems to be an issue with those who do not use Chrome trying to access FLASH from a location without using Chrome directly. It appears that if you choose to upload Chrome with FLASH on the Adobe page, FLASH is embedded in Chrome. It doesn't even show as loaded on my computer when I do an Adobe search for it using their upload problems tool. It does however show as there when one does an actual upload, which fails because of this.   When I activate and use Chrome, FLASH works as normal.  I can't uninstall FLASH because it is not seen by Adobe's scan.  It might if I uninstalled Chrome.  I would like not to use Chrome when using FLASH.  Is there some way of doing this without restarting the upload process afer unistalling both progrrams?