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    Forms not calculating data

    rohrbacker2 Level 1

      I created a simple form for order processing with:


      item    description     qty.     unit cost       total cost


      for line items.


      When me and several others use the form in acrobat pro 10 or reader 10 it works perfectly fine, but i have a customer using it in pro 9 and the fields don't calculate. I asked him to use it in reader and he said it worked perfect, but why wont it work in 9?



      Aslo, originally and an issue i was having earlier but then just deleted the second page, is that it wouldn't calculate the last entry from the second page no matter where it was. Strange. I deleted the second page since it would be rare to use a second page for orders anyway.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Form fields do not make their contents available to other form fields until one leaves the field.


          You may need to check the calculation order.


          Are there any JavaScript errors being reported on the JavaScript console?


          Without a sample of the form, it is difficult to determine what is going on. Can you provide a link to a sample form?