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    Using Clip Markers for sync in multi camera edit CS6

    howmanyscreennames Level 1

      I am trying to figure a way to sync up video clips to edit in the multi camera window. The problem is that I have one clip that is the entire length of the video (1 hr). the second camera continuosly stopped and started during the taping as it was roaming around taking shots from different angles. I thought that I might use the clip marker function to sync these up. the problem is that I placed a "comment marker" on each clip sequence at the appropriate time in each of two clips and named them using the same name. I then open the create multi-camera source sequence.  But the option to synchronize with clip markers is dimmed out and can not be selected.I have tried editing the markers to make them chapter markers but it still doesn't work. I don't see an option to make them numbered or I would have tried that too.


      How do I get CS6 to let me use clip markers, or how do I set clip markers that will be recognized by the multi camera function?


      Thanks for your help