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    Mobile app Google map charge?

    Small Town Gal Newcomer

      Dear All,


      I'm sure many of you have encountered this question, so I'll ask in this forum.  I'm creating an iPhone mobile app and want to include a google custom map with locations pinpointed and text added.  The google site says that there is no charge for using Google maps on mobile devices, but does that also include my custom-made map?  The map I'm working on is not part of their business package, just a custom-made user's map, but I wonder if I can use that in a commercial venue.  Thanks.

      Small Town Gal

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          bemdesign Champion

          I don't know. Probably best to ask Google what their licensing terms are.

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            Ben M Ninja

            Google has this posted on their website:




            There is no charge, but there are usage limits.  Once you start requesting too much from Google you either have to pay or your users receive errors.

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              Small Town Gal Newcomer

              I'm not signed up as a developer yet through Apple because I'm still developing my iPhone app concept, but has anyone out there used Apple's new mapping feature?  How does it compare?  I want to put custom info within the map feature and would like to actually have a link when you click on the map that takes you to other graphics and info.  I don't know that I will generate thousands of hits a day, but I would like to create a map that can be open to people freely through our app but is shielded from the public being able to download it from Google.  I have indicated that our custom map should not be available publicly, but I understand that the public could still download it from Google by simply typing in our url.  Thoughts?

              Small Town Gal

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                Ben M Ninja

                You are really doing yourself a disservice by not signing up.  The basic membership for Apple is ~$100 for the year and puts you in touch with other XCode developers and Apple has private forums with more developers who do this every day.


                But if it's just a custom map/structure, do you have to use the Maps feature?  Do you need GPS or location for someone on a mobile device?  Otherwise, can you not slice it up with image hotspots on a simple webpage and link the hotspots to other detail pages?

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                  Small Town Gal Newcomer

                  Yes, this will be a tour app, so I would like the GPS location for people to use.  I do plan to sign up as an Apple developer and pay the fee soon, but I want to progress further in Dreamweaver getting the app together.  I'm not a programmer, so it's taking me some time to put the pieces together in my head.  I will sign up soon.