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    What is the best way to setup drives on desktop if will work on laptop sometimes?

    OrlandoJetset Level 1

      Hi everyone...


      I've read lots on the forums here about setting up multiple disk drives but not so much about how people set them up when they have more than 1 workstation. Actually, maybe I should be making 2 different threads but they seem so interconnected


      I just build a PC to replace my laptop as my MAIN workstation but will sill occasionally use my laptop (ie, when working outside of town). So I'm looking for advice on 2 things:


      1. Configuring my DESKTOP for optimal performance for creative content creation (Photoshop, Premiere, Cubase, etc); ie. where do I put the Adobe Cache Disk? The Previews? The Exports? Is Media Cache the same as Adobe Cache Disk which we setup in the Preferences?


      2. For the easiest way to take the work with me when I need to work off my laptop


      NOTE: I've been using an external Seagate GOFLex 1.5TB USB3.0 drive for projects and all related media files for the longest time because my laptop only has 320GB drive. I still thinks it makes sense to use that drive now with my desktop since the performance is acceptable and whenever I need to work from the laptop I can just take the drive with me and do my work from anywhere.


      Below is how my stuff is currently setup.. but I have some money to invest in optimizing my setup if anyone has any valid suggestions.


      C: 128GB SSD (OS & Programs)C: 320GB 7200RPM -- (215GB PARTITION A: OS & Programs)
      D: N/AD: 320GB 7200RPM -- (83GB PARTITION B:  Adobe Cache Disk)
      E: 1.5TB USB 3.0 Portable Drive (Projects + Media)E: 1.5TB USB 3.0 Portable Drive (Projects + Media)


      First off, is carrying a drive the best practice for taking projects and media with you? Maybe there's another way I havent thought of?

      Second, would I benefit from adding another HDD to my desktop and if so, for what? How could I split it up? My guess is putting one where letter D: is and making it match the B: partition of the laptop. Which right now is Adobe Cache Disk.


      Please provide me with your expertise and recommendations!