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    Frame Rate Conversion from 18 to 25 fps

    Pieter Hoving Level 1

      I have a question concerning frame rate conversion from 18 fps to 25 fps in After Effects.


      Rather than just adding an extra frame-copy to each third frames or so with the pulldown technique, I prefer a more sophisticated method in order to avoid jerky playback of fast moving scenes. I watched Andrew Kramer’s video tutorial (http://library.creativecow.net/articles/kramer_andrew/fps.php) and downloaded his plug-in.


      The problem is that I have a scan of an 18 fps super-8 film made with the “Müller HM73 Photo framescanner” (http://www.filmfabriek.nl/home.html) resulting in a series of individual photo’s of high quality; superior compared to regular video-scanning.  A 20 minutes filmreel however, gives an avi-file of some 75 GB!


      I intend to make a DVD of the movies. Therefor, conversion to 25 fps (I live in a PAL country) is needed. I work in HD. Following Andrew’s recipe however, the estimated render time for 20 minutes is in excess of 30 hours! I have tried to lower the filesize by first using Media Encoder. I can not keep the frame rate at 18 fps and converted it to 25 fps, then used the Remove Pulldown in AE Interpret Footage and then Andrew’s trick – but without success.


      Anyone who has an idea how to speed up this process?


      My HW and SW is as follows: Intel i7-2600 LGA1155 processor on an Asus P8Z68-Vpro motherboard with 16 GB RAM. GTX570. Windows 7 with SP1. Production Premium CS6 updated till today.


      Thanks for your response, Pete