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    Cross Reference Sources appearing in Story Editor view but not appearing in the Cross Ref pane


      I have imported a Word document containing working cross references into an InDesign document. The vast majority of these cross references import correctly and link to their destinations within the document, however there are some that are not working. If I view the text frame in the story editor view, I can see these "broken" cross reference sources that came in from the Word doc but on selecting them I can see that there isnt a corresponding entry for it in the cross reference pane. As said, there are only a few that are behaving like this.


      What could be causing these not to appear in the cross reference pane?


      Obviously as they are not appearing in the list of cross references I can't update them, and also, as they are technically broken cross references, because a source exists for them but there is no corresponding entry in the pane, then on export to epub, InDesign crashes (If there is one broken cross reference in a document, export to Epub will crash indesign).


      Also, to clarify, in the Word doc if I navigate to a cross reference that is failing once in InDesign, I can update it properly, and also navigate to its destination in the Word doc, so it's not as though these cross references are broken before coming into InDesign. Also I believe the destinations for these "broken" cross references are coming across properly to indesign too as I can see them in the story editor view.


      Supposed Cross Reference source selected in Story Editor view on left, but no corresponding cross reference highlighted in pane on right:



      Technical Details:

      InDesign CS5.5 - Version 7.5.3

      Microsoft Word 2010, File type .docx