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    Editing default text on placeholder objects

    eLearner22 Community Member

      Hi Captivate Community,


      First, let me just say Captivate 6 is awesome.  Really liking all the new features. 


      We are building our master slide themes and want to change the default text on placeholder objects from "Type the caption text here" to something that would give the person using the template an idea of what type of content they would like.  For example, I would like to change the default text for "Type caption text here" to "Type Section Title here beginning with an action verb" 


      Is there a setting somewhere where I can make this change.  If I change it on the master slide it comes into the filmstrip as an image that I cannot edit. 


      Any insight would be great.





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          nsukumar Community Member



          Thanks for your valuable feedback. Presently there is no option present in Captivate 6 to change the default placeholder Text. Please file an enhancement request in captivate wish forum (http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform&product=5) so that we can consider this for the future releases of captivate.



          Nimmy Sukumaran.

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            Lilybiri CommunityMVP



            Even for templates, I will rarely use placeholders, why not replace them by a simple text caption, with the proper formatting and styles? Then you are able to type whatever you want. And since in CP6 there is already an applied Theme (with master slides, skin and object styles)...



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              eLearner22 Community Member

              Hi Lilybiri,


              Thanks for your suggestions.  I am adding this as a wish list item.  I love the themes and templates and set them all up with notes to the Instructional Designer (ID) in text captions but when we insert a new slide from the master, those notes to the ID are not editable and come across as a picture.  This is great for logos that won't change but not for blank slides of instructional "how to" information for the end user that change on each and every slide. 


              Now, we have the master slides set up with placeholders so the positioning is correct and the text styles and sizes and colors are all correct.  But in addition, we also have in the filmstrip view one of each of the master slides with the notes to the instructional designers as well so it feels like we set the master slides up twice -- once in the master view and once again in the filmstrip view.  It would be awesome if we could just click a button in the properties to say whether or not the text or other object is editable in the filmstrip view. 

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                Lilybiri CommunityMVP

                I do not understand your work flow very well: text captions are never inserted as images? Even when you insert them on the master slides, the user can still edit them on the master slide view.


                BTW: perhaps you are not aware of the fact that you can put instructions in the scratch area (outside of the stage) as well. I use that area a lot and it is crowded with text captions, some of them set to display for the rest of the project. Or you can put instructions on a slide that is hidden, which means that it will  not appear in the published version.



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                  grantmfisher Community Member

                  I know that this is a very old thread, but I am having the same issue as eLearner22. I believe what he/she was referring to with "text captions as images" was referring to their editability within the Filmstrip. If you place a text caption in a master slide, you cannot edit that text caption unless you go back to the master slide, and essentially, it feels like an image. For most use cases that I can think of, that wouldn't be useful. The option to make custom placeholder text would be very useful.


                  The idea that you could use a text caption in your master slides here simply would not work for most uses. Lilybiri, you are correct in saying that you can edit that text caption on the master slides, but what if you needed to use the same master slide for multiple slides in your project? Different content each time that master slide is used would mess up that workflow.


                  I'll give my example: I have a master slide I use as a Chapter transition slide. That master slide has a text caption that simply has the word "Chapter." Beside that text caption, i'm forced to add a placeholder text caption. I would love to simply put a "#" in the placeholder caption, but instead, i have the full blown "Type the caption text here." This makes my slide look very strange, and misleading to the end user. So, I am forced to do as you suggested Lilybiri, I utilize the scratch area on the outside of my stage to instruct the users on how to fill in the placeholders. The downside of this, of course, is that the user might miss those notes if they have their stage filling up their screen. For clarity, below is a screenshot of what I mean. On the left is what I currently have in place, the text box starting with "Type" is a placeholder caption. The slide on the right, the "#" is a text caption on a master slide. I cannot edit that text caption in my filmstrip.


                  Chapter slides.png

                  If anyone has a better idea for how to accomplish this cleanly and efficiently, please share!! This seems like a no-brainer update for Captivate 8! Fingers crossed.

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                    RodWard CommunityMVP

                    Captivate has placeholder objects for text images etc.  Make sure you have a Master Slide selected, then from the Insert menu, choose Placeholder objects and pick one.


                    These placeholder objects are what you should be using on the Master Slides for any situation where you want to be able to edit the default objects on each new slide. When you insert a new slide and edit the placeholder text, the object turns into a caption or whatever from then on.

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                      grantmfisher Community Member

                      RodWard, thanks for your response on this. I am aware that you can add placeholder objects onto a master slide. However, my dilemma is that I wanted to change the default text that is added to that placeholder object on the master slide to something more relevant to that slide(like simply a '#' to indicate that a number belongs in that placeholder object). That is something that I have not found to be possible inside of Captivate. From what I can tell, when you insert a placeholder text caption, you're stuck with the default text that reads 'Type the Caption Text here' until you insert that slide into your Filmstrip. Hope that helps clarify the point I was aiming for. :)

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                        RodWard CommunityMVP

                        OK.  Then in your situation I would normally create a CPTL template file that has all my slides set up with whatever starter text I want to see, and then spawn new CPTX project files from that template.  Effectively, the slides you set up in your template are just placeholders that you intend to edit anyway, but the text will be whatever you want.

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                          IDarin Community Member

                          So are you saying there is no way to change the default text in an object such as a Text Caption Placeholder [in Captivate 8]? I realize you can double click on the placeholder text in Filmstrip View and type whatever you want, but I was just hoping to edit the default text so I could place it in a master slide and have it be uniform across all the slides.