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    Graphics processor usage problem after reinstallation



      I recently installed Photoshop CS6 and had no problem what so ever the first week.

      Due to an incident I removed Photoshop and reinstalled it. Now I'm having problem with GPU acceleration.


      My computer has 2 graphics cards, GeForce GTX 460(Primary screen & projector) and GeForce 210(Secondary screen).

      Photoshop detects my GTX460 and uses it. But when I move Photoshop to my secondary screen I can't see any documents.

      It's just a gray screen.


      I had Photoshop CS5.5 installed before and had no problem using my secondary screen, installed PS CS 6

      pararell with PS CS 5.5 and had no problem.

      Then I removed PS CS 5.5, still no problem.

      Reinstalled PS CS 6 and it doesn't work.


      It obiusly worked a few days ago with this set up, and now it doesn't.

      I might also ad that unchecking Use graphics processor help fixing the problem.

      But I wanna have all the nice GPU features.


      What can be the problem?