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    OPSUF042 contains bad /Widths error


      has anyone out there had any issues with this message with acrobat:  'OPSUF042 contains bad /Widths'?

      i have a customer that has multiple pdfs that is getting this message as he views these documents.

      ive come up empty when researching this. 

      any information would help.





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          Bill@VT Level 7

          I would open one of the PDFs and check the document properties to see how it was created. Very likely some third party method. If they look fine when opened, you could always just save them and see if that resolves the message. You could also just print them to a new PDF. A lot depends on what the properties of the PDF are to see what might be done.

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            scano2012 Level 1

            i opened one document and just scrolled thru the pages and on page 81 out of 212 (different pages for different documents) had a "The font 'OPSUFont0' contains bad/Widths".  the file locks up for the customer and has to rescan.  this file (pdf) is created via a Canon copier using Ecopy Sharescan.  Ecopy (Nuance) has evaluated these pdf's and stated that they have not been able to recreate it in their environment.  they recommended putting a ticket with Adobe.


            any info once again would be helpful.



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              Bill@VT Level 7

              As a scan, are the pages simple images or has an OCR been done? If pure scans, then where would the font error come from? So assuming OCR was done, was that done by Acrobat or your scan system?


              You might try to open the PDF in Acrobat and simply printing to new PDF to see if the problem is resolved. From what I gather, the problem does not occur until you go to the specific page and maybe the print will work. Also, if you check the document properties, are all fonts embedded?

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                Ham1000 Level 1

                I've had a similar problem to this for the first time today. I needed to amend someone else's PDF and resave it. Editting the PDF wasn't giving me the right result, so took it into InDesign, amended and re-exported. The new PDF brought up a similar error message.




                However, by exporting from InDesign as a Postscript file and then distilling that to make the new PDF, no error message came up.