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    MSI deployment problem/previous MSI Versions or Uninstaller?

    D Todd Robinson Level 1

      I'm attempting to deploy the latest Flash Player 11.3.300.265 MSI but almost every installation is failing.  If I try to deploy the MSI manually on a problem workstation, I'm prompted for previous versions of the MSI.  Apparently the older copy of the MSI we have on our file server doesn't match what's on some of the desktops, so I receive error 1714 and the installation fails.  On workstations that have the same MSI version as what's on our file server installed, the new MSI installs properly as it's locating the previous MSI it needs.  Apparently the newer MSI packages are dependent upon whatever existing MSI is currently loaded. So my solutions appear to be:


      1. Obtain each previous MSI package from version 10 and up and rotate the version stored on our network file share. Each workstation will then eventually see the old version it's looking for to faciliate a successful installation of the new MSI.
      2. Find an automated way to uninstall the current version of Flash Player and run this task ahead of the new Flash Player MSI deployment task.


      Option 1 would require me to obtain each previous version we may have deployed.  Is there such a file repository available?


      Option 2 is something I've tried working on but have not been successful.  The Flash Player uninstaller does not seem to work correctly.  After running it I'm still prompted for the previous MSI at the original location it was deployed from.  The Player is not listed in Programs and Features/Add-Remove Programs and the Flash directories in the Windows system folders only have the Flash log file and nothing else.


      Any suggestions?  Thanks!