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    Why does file go into ACS but not into Store?


      My particular hell:


      Generally, I can upload PDFs in ACS and then update my Store without problem. But every once in a while I have a PDF that will go into ACS but will NOT go into the Store. I've posted about this before. Previously, I've replaced or deleted images in InDesign, or printed Postscript out of InDesign and then distilled as a PDF. Now, I've got a PDF that just won't appear in the Store, regardless of what I try. ACS and the Store are otherwise working fine together -- I updated the Store from ACS with another PDF around the same time just fine.


      Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Has anyone had success in dealing straightforwardly with this problem? I've done all sort of things -- omitted metadata, omitted bookmarks, omitted hyperlinks, thoroughly scrubbed the PDF in Acrobat Pro -- nothing has worked.


      Any ideas, anyone? Any notions of where else to look for solutions?


      Anything would be appreciated.