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    Image gallery how to?

    TonyMancuso Level 1

      Hey guys i want to know how to create a image gallery then some sort of spry gallery after you have created a regular gallery. The design im wanting to learn how to do is something similar to this in here :     www.templatemonster.com/demo/40170.html ; if any one is kind to help me out to look at how to create this one. But a little different i still want the idea of the small pictures how this person has on there template. Although i want my small images in side a web page gallery moved to left, and then have the larger image moved to the right of the page.



      would any one be kind to help me out on how to do so to code and css. i'm a beginner when creating a image gallery but im trying to create one on how i explained over this sentence.




      Thanks would be awesome to see how this turns out!


      ps:would respond to you guys later if you guys reply i have classes at college soon.





      Thank you to anyone who helps!!